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What is Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy is a type of physical therapy for the eyes and brain – is a highly effective non-surgical treatment for many common visual problems such as lazy eye, crossed eyes, double vision, convergence insufficiency and some reading and learning disabilities.

Therapeutic exercises are performed using dedicated optical devices, including therapeutic lenses, prisms, and filters. Vision therapy is always customized to the needs of the patients, and as patients make progress, treatments and exercises are progressively adjusted to encourage further visual improvements over time.

Vision Therapy treatment programs are carefully calculated to correct visual-motor or perceptual-cognitive insufficiencies. Treatment sessions include activities, exercises and procedures that augment the brain’s capacity to manage alignment, eye movements and visual processing.

Vision Therapy Exercise Example


After several appointments and frustration of not understanding what was happening with Sophia, I found Dr. Peddle.  From our first meeting to our weekly follow up Dr. Peddle was kind, understanding and confident we could get results.  As Sophia began her vision therapy sessions, her therapists consistently gave her encouragement and support.  They embraced team to drive the results further for Sophia and kept me (mom) just as informed.  The journey was empowering as the signs were evident as progress was being made.  Consistency and persistence was done at home with continued homework.  In Sophia’s drive and her vision therapist’s drive success was achieved in her physical appearance, confidence and academically.  Today I still stare at my little girl and eternally grateful for meeting Dr. Peddle.  Thank you, Dr. Peddle and your wonderful team.


I have always felt so blessed that we found out about Vaughan Family Vision Care. It was Dr. Alarcon who first told us about your Centre and we have nothing but excellent things to say about the care and service we have received from your Centre.

Analisa is a success story. Her grades at school have improved, she has more stamina when reading and her overall confidence has improved greatly. Whenever Analisa is not wearing her glasses, (while swimming), she tells me that she uses the exercises she learned from Michael to help her keep her eyes focused. She always states, “I know how to train my eyes..”


Our daughter was experiencing great difficulty at school because of her vision problem.  PJ worked with our daughter for 20 weeks and the change was unbelievable.  After the sessions, our daughter’s vision was near normal for all the indicators.  We are thankful to the staff at Vaughan Family Vision for their work and professionalism.  Our daughter can now excel at school thanks to her restored sight.

Anthony (Father)

Vision Therapy gave me my life back! After my accident I couldn’t read, write, or see properly. Now, after weeks of Vision Therapy, my vision and quality of life are infinitely improved!


Before vision therapy my daughter, ‘L’, struggled with reading, math and writing. Attempting to engage her in any reading, pencil and paper tasks or homework always resulted in tears. Remarkable changes happened while completing the vision therapy program. While reading she exclaimed ‘I can see all the letters in these words!’. Before that moment, I had never fully appreciated how difficult these tasks were for her. Her writing became legible and completing homework slowly became less of a struggle. Today (1 year after completing the program), ‘L’ is a voracious reader. We are forever grateful for the kindness and guidance we received from Dr. Lacroix and PJ and the impact they made on our lives.


It was a great program. It helped me so much. I can read now. Mathi was nice and she helped me so much. Thank you!!


I never knew thought that theses classes would help me. But they did!! I couldn’t see that well when I was doing my work in class and my mom put me in theses classes called vision therapy. A few of those and I saw a big difference in my vision. Thanks to vision therapy I can now see better than ever.


At age 17 I fractured my skull playing baseball. At the time, nobody was concerned about a concussion. The only doctor I saw was a plastic surgeon. Although I had symptoms of a head injury I didn’t know what I could do about that. My biggest problem was difficulty reading. A few years later while playing ice hockey I went full speed head first into the boards. This injury lead to me seeing a number of doctors for what was known to be a concussion. I saw an ENT for my dizziness. I saw a Neuropsychologist for changes in my personality. And I saw a Sports Medicine doctor to manage my return to sports. Again, my biggest problem was reading but nobody could help me with that. I did return to sports and ended up with more concussions. I started to notice that I didn’t see things the way other people did and my reading was worse. I saw a Neurologist who told me that my eyes didn’t track things well which would explain my problems but he didn’t know what could be done about that. I saw multiple optometrists that only offered me glasses that did nothing to help me and made me dizzy. Twenty years after the initial injury I was referred to Dr. Peddle. After my initial evaluation, Dr. Peddle told me that I had post-traumatic vision syndrome from multiple concussions. She confirmed that my eyes weren’t tracking well and told me I had no depth perception. She also told me that the results of my eye tracking tests were so poor that she couldn’t score them. But then Dr. Peddle told me that she and her Vision Therapy staff together could fix all of this and that I would be able to read well again. This was the first time I’d ever been told there is a solution. I listened to Dr. Peddle and started vision therapy right away. My vision therapist PJ worked very hard to help me achieve maximum results from therapy. Within months of in-office and athome therapy exercises, Dr. Peddle told me my eye tracking test results were in the 99th percentile and I had regained normal depth perception. For me the result was drastic improvement in my concentration, memory, focus and, most importantly, my reading comprehension. Dr. Peddle was right, they had fixed the problem. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Peddle and her staff. They provided me a comprehensive plan to address my problems and they executed that plan with a level of knowledge and expertise that I have not seen elsewhere. I would recommend anyone who has had a concussion to call Vaughan Family Vision Care for a comprehensive evaluation. It changed my life and I couldn’t be more thankful.


Vision Therapy for Children

Vision therapy is appropriate and helpful for patients of all ages – including children.

In fact, Mayo Clinic researchers suggest that visual therapy is the best way to treat convergence insufficiency in children, and it may also be effective for addressing learning-related visual problems like ADHD and dyslexia. Other conditions that may be improved with therapy include lazy eyes (amblyopia) and eye turns (strabismus). Vision therapy has also been shown to be useful in training both eyes to work together with better coordination and more efficient binocular vision.

Vision and Learning (External Links)

Watch Lisa McCullough speak about being a parent of children who have benefitted from Vision Therapy.

Video: Children benefiting from Vision Therapy

Success with Vision Therapy

The American Optometric Association, National Eye Institute and many eye health professionals approve and recommend vision therapy for the treatment of both physiological and perceptual vision conditions.

Even though visual therapy treatment results vary from patient to patient, treatments are often effective for providing results that corrective lenses and surgical procedures are unable to offer. Many patients who have undergone vision therapy report improved peripheral vision, better eye-hand coordination, better focusing and faster visual reaction time.

As an added benefit, patients also report fewer environmentally induced headaches, blurred vision, eye strain and nausea. Furthermore, although it is often used to treat visual dysfunctions, visual behavioral therapy is also helpful for the prevention of the future visual problems, as well as for enhancing existing visual capacity.

Vision Therapy Success Stories (External Links)

Is Vision Therapy Right for You?

Even patients with 20/20 vision may benefit from Vision Therapy treatments.

It is important to see an optometrist if you are experiencing any vision difficulties at all. Only a comprehensive eye examination can help you determine whether visual therapy may be right for you.

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Dr. Peddle is a board certified fellow in vision therapy, as well as residency trained in vision therapy and rehabilitation.

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